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Thanks to the expertise we have acquired since 2006 and our knowledge of the Brussels real estate market's supply and demand, Home Dating offers owners who wish to sell or let their property in the Brussels region an individually tailored channel:

  • Publication of property sales listing
  • Coordination of obligatory PEB and electrical reports
  • Professional-quality photographs
  • Leads management
  • Visits coordination
  • Sales brochure
  • Home staging
  • Negotiation

Professional license:

Member of Belgium's Institut Professionnel des Agents Immobiliers (IPI)

Affiliation code: 505.651

Monitoring authority
Rue du Luxembourg 16b
1000 Bruxelles - Belgium

Code of ethics (approved by Royal Decree, 27 September 2006, published in Moniteur belge on 18 October 2006):

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Home Dating
25, rue de l'Escrime
1190 Bruxelles

Company registration code: BE 0890.605.894
IPI 505.651