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Founded in 2006 by a French expat, Home Dating is the first company to offer property finder services exclusively in Brussels

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About Caroline Lucidi Joubert, Founder of Home Dating

Caroline Lucidi Joubert has benefited from her own experience as an expatriate since she moved to Brussels from Paris with her husband and children over ten years ago. She remembers that relocating to a new city (and a new country) was not a simple matter. In addition to the challenge of getting to know a new city, new neighbourhoods and new customs, she discovered that residential real estate in Brussels, though less expensive than in Paris, was handled quite differently, both in terms of administrative matters and market complexity.

Equipped with a Master's Degree in Management and Entrepreneurship, Caroline founded the agency Home Dating Property Hunter and obtained an estate agent licence from Belgium's regulatory authority, the IPI (Institut Professionnel des agents Immobiliers). In order to secure this certification, she was required to complement her knowledge of Brussels with in-depth study of Belgium's rules and regulations concerning urban planning, real estate law and taxation, including those specific to Brussels and its region.

The Home Dating Approach

Caroline Lucidi Joubert has developed an efficient and effective method over the years, as well as a formidable network including estate agents, notaries, private banks, property developers and landowners, which allows Home Dating to respond to search requests with precision.

Caroline's nine years of experience and her energetic determination are the key qualities that make Home Dating the ideal partner for anyone wishing to delegate finding a property and relocating to Brussels in the best conditions.

Professional license:

Member of Belgium's Institut Professionnel des Agents Immobiliers (IPI)

Affliation code: 505.651

Monitoring authority
Rue du Luxembourg 16b
1000 Bruxelles - Belgium

Code of ethics (approved by Royal Decree, 27 September 2006, published in Moniteur belge on 18 October 2006):

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Company registration code: BE 0890.605.894
IPI 505.651