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a search tailored precisely to your criteria

Home Dating prospects and selects for your review the properties that best match your individual criteria. A dedicated professional is assigned specifically to your project. HD analyses your needs, boundaries and dreams to develop a detailed understanding of your plan to buy or rent.

a panoramic view of the Brussels market

Our many years of experience with the Brussels real estate market and its players, and our thorough knowledge of the city and its different neighbourhoods, give us access to a wide range of serious and high quality opporunities.

buy at the right price and hassle-free

HOME DATING's priorities - finding excellence, remaining completely independent from estate agents and benefiting from a unique relationship with individual clients - ensure that you will be able to choose from the best opportunities on the market corresponding to your criteria and obtain the best price for buying or renting.



individual preliminary study

A dedicated Home Dating professional analyses your needs and preferences in order to establish a detailed understanding of your project, personality and budget.

Feasibility study of your project, discussion of qualitative criteria and desired location, adaptation of budget according to market conditions.

Proposal for a 3-month renewable mission contract.

prospecting and estimate

We prospect all market opportunities and select the properties that best match your criteria.

Visit reports are provided to you for the best matched opportunities. These detailed reports are illustrated with photographs and conclude with objective remarks on how each property responds to your criteria.

Home Dating makes a value study of each property proposed and uses these various parameters to estimate a price.

feedback analysis

Following each visit report, we carefully note and analyse your feedback in order to improve our search.

We exchange ideas by phone or e-mail and incorporate your feedback into new selections.

As visit reports come in and are discussed, we fine tune our propecting and selection of properties.

independence and dedication

We guarantee the independence of our recommendations in contract. We are not linked to an outside agency or seller.

We consider that price is not a subjective matter, and we are committed to presenting you the best properties at the best prices, without any unjustified over-evalutation. We will let you know if we consider a property to be over-priced for the market.


Our fee is presented in an estimate, with payment upon the exchange of contracts (signature of the "compromis de vente") or signature of the rental contract. We request an advance on expenses at the beginning of the mission (between 300 and 800 Euros), deducted from the fee presented in the final invoice.

For a buyer

A fixed fee shall be calculated on the basis of a percentage (between 1 and 3% ex-VAT) of the average amount of your budget. Once the fee has been agreed upon by both parties, it is clearly indicated in the mission contract, such that you will not encounter any surprises when the search has been completed, whatever the duration of the mission, and whatever the final price of the property purchased.

For a renter

A fee equivalent to 1 month's rent ex-VAT, with a flat rate of 1,500 Euros for rents lower than that amount.

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Tél : +32 (0) 473 51 16 68

our pledge


Home Dating's principles

Home Dating is committed to using all the means at our disposal to finding the property you want. Home Dating keeps you informed of how the search is advancing and sends you detailed reports on the properties visited and selected for your review.

Home Dating is committed to scrupulously respecting the confidentiality of your search and your personal data, and we will never share any aspect of your search with anyone other than the strict minimum required to communicate with agencies and potential sellers.

Home Dating ensures that will you have complete contractual independence from estate agencies.

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